Providing Quality Training Programs
The International Research & Training Centre for Sustainability (IRTC), the training facilitator organization (member of DKG Group) has the honor and pleasure to organize and contributing to a series of innovative training seminars believing that beyond Value for Money offers a new concept in industry!!

IRTC last year organized or took part as speaker to the following training seminars, forums & symposiums:

“Advanced Hydroponics based on the Total Greenhouse Management Philosophy” Seminar was taught to executives of the Company Agroktimata Xiromerou of the Palouki Brothers. Participants had the chance to update their knowledge on hydroponic cultivation technique of tomato, cucumber and tomaccini snack.
As part of the Educational Excursion of the Regional Technical & Agricultural School Ammochostou- Augorou the IRTC hosted students at the premises of the ZAMPPOURIS Farm at Lakkoma Halkidiki, where Hydroponic Technical MarouliBest applied (Hydroponic Lettuce). Students had the opportunity to see an innovative idea in practice, which develops according to the principles of Integrated Farm Management and the certified various types (and color) lettuce is the basis of branded Cut Salad product.
IRTC presented FRAOULABEST SYSTEM in IRLA CONFERENCE at Patras, Greece. IRTC and it's affiliated dissemination tool participated in the parallel events of the Symposium by presenting a hands on business case named FRAOULABEST. The FraoulaBest (Hydroponic Strawberry) system is the extract of the research of IRTC's scientists in various geographical regions such as Cyprus, Serbia and Greece. The show case presented by Mr. Christos D. Katsanos , member of IRTC and Ms. Xenia Pitta , head agronomist of Tsahalos Group.
IRTC represented by Mr. Christos D. Katsanos to Greek Agribusiness Forum 2013, which explored the theme: 'EXPORTS & SUPPLY PRODUCTION: TRADE AGREEMENTS AND DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS".
A Marketing Seminar was organized by Association of Medicinal and Aromatics Plants of Greece (AMAP’s). IRTC represented by Mr. Christos D. Katsanos, which presentation was “MODERN BRANDING - Features of a contemporary vertically integrated business with MAP (Medicinal Aromatics Plants) products for entering the market”

Wellness & Volunteerism

The 5th anniversary ROUT 100miler was celebrated in the best possible way, since the race left the best impressions on the athletes that had the chance to compete in the beautiful forests of Rodopi. A long, although short in time journey of five years, reached this year’s organization of Rodopi Advendurun, the beloved ROUT of the ultra-endurance and adventure Greek athletes. Year after year, since 2009, ROUT leads its athletes through a route of emotions, guided by the limits of their physical and mental endurance. In addition to the journey, above all a difficult 100 miles race of human endurance, which requires devotion and hard preparation.

Some members of DKG Group take active part as organizers, participants and some others as volunteers and supporters.
A special mention belongs rightfully to the people who supported the event for one more year. We mean of course the volunteers of ROUT, who year after year enrich their knowledge and their experience and offer valuable services, staying awake at the stations under all circumstances. In this year’s race, the very good weather helped their effort and so they managed to maximize their support. The stations were organized mainly by them, and were autonomous in matters of food and first aides.

DKG Group supports children development by encouraging them take active part in physical, creative and entertainment activities and helping them to be equipped with creativity, imagination, self esteem, passion, perseverance and patience.

Cultural Herritage

The DKG Group contributes to Cultural Heritage by taking active part as a co-founder to the Cultural Foundation "Methexis“, that founded to meet the needs and beliefs of founders and its members who place as protractor the quality, culture, participation and cooperation and aims to the universality of the individual and the art of everyday life «The daily art of living».

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"Orizontas" and "En Xoro"are two television show series that aims to educate and entertain those who are seeking adventure or cultural treasure. The "Orizontas" TV show based on natural beauty sides of physical activities and places around Greece. The "En Xoro" TV Show seek to preserve and exploit the rich cultural heritage of Epirus.

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