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Sustainability Report - Welcome to DKG Group's Annual Sustainability Report 2014
This Report is an integral part of our seperate website for the Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility ( The Report focuses on our core work and accomplishments through the year (September 2013- December 2014), and describes the priorities, challenges, and achievements within our movement. We thank all our contributors and look ahead to new challenges and projects.

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Message from the Management

2013-2014 saw years of great changes in Greece. What has not changed, however, is our commitment to corporate responsibility.
It remains as strong as ever.
The social purpose of our business is something the we are very proud of and of course it’s central to how our people feel about working here. By doing business responsibly and building relationships with customers and the communities we are part of, we’re managing our risks and motivating our people – ensuring we’ll be around for the long term to deliver on our commitments. This means doing all we can to help our customers when the big things happen in life. To be trusted, respected for the way we do things, sustainable in our business practices, and make a real contribution to society through our corporate responsibility agenda.
What gives our corporate responsibility strategy the edge is the dedication of our people. They demonstrate their commitment by acting responsibly every day – putting our customers first and giving them great service. Even during this challenging year, our corporate responsibility agenda has remained core to who we are and what we do.
Throughout this report you’ll see details of some great achievements during the reporting period.

Evagelos N. Drimtzias
Christos D. Katsanos
Executive Director


The Group conducts its business through its employees, the President and the Executive Director under the direction of the Board of Directors, all with a view toward enhancing the long-term value of the company.

The Board of Directors comprises the President, the Executive Director, the Finance Director, the Quality Executive and the Project Manager.

The Board is primarily responsible for the following:

the strategic direction of the Group and the operations

the integrity of financial statements and accounting practices

the contribution to sustainable development

the Human Resources

The Board of Directors holds regular quarterly meetings in order to review the Group's strategy, approve its business plan and budget, act on the Group's annual proxy statement.


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